Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – Current Year

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am by Bruce Palmer, President. Present were Bruce Palmer, John Pierce, Chris Cantone, Chet Pazdziorny, George Gilbert, Shelly Gobeille and Linda Bisson.

  • The Secretary’s reports were read by Linda Bisson.
  • They were approved and accepted by the audience.
  • Shelly noted the signs that were donated by Tony Ouellette.
  • Everyone introduced themselves including the audience.
  • The Treasurer’s report was read by John Pierce. The current balance is $6209.62. The resources for grants was explained by Linda Bisson. The Treasurer’s report was unanimously accepted.
  • Jessica Pierce is interning with the Lake Assoc.
  • Lorraine read her report on the monitors. We have 10 monitors who have covered 285 hours so far plus 40 hours volunteered by Jessica and Hannah. Lorraine explained the dangers of aquatic plants if they are introduced to the lake.
  • She has attended three symposiums this year.
  • Linda spoke on the need for added members. The lake has 98 lakefront owners but only 39 are members. She explained the need for funds and participation. It will take work and money to keep our lake clean and clear. The website is People in the audience offered to spread the word.
  • Shelley remembered three people who are no longer with us.
  • Barbara Darnell, Jack McCormick and past president Bob Nyland.
  • The ballot was closed.
  • Chris spoke about our challenge of how, what and why. The how is by expanding our membership. The what is to preserve our lake. He pulled together all the reports that were read. Chris emphasized talking to your neighbors. The more conversation we have will help to spread the word. He mentioned a lot of beautiful things that are on the lake. He showed pictures by a photographer who filmed on the lake an eagle in flight and in a tree.
  • Copies of these can be purchased by contacting Chet.
  • The results of the ballot were as follows: Linda Bisson, 17 votes: Chris Cantone, 17 votes: Chet Pazdziorny, 5 votes as a write in: Deb Burke, 1 as a write in: and Bruce Palmer 1 vote as a write in. Chet Pazdziorny was elected as the third trustee.
  • A motion to adjourn was made by Chris Cantone and seconded by Shelly Gobeille.
  • The vote was unanimous.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.
  • Respectfully submitted, Linda Bisson, Secretary

Annual Meeting – Last Fiscal Year

The meeting was held at West Newfield Maine at the home of the Gilberts. Officers present were Bruce Palmer, Chris Canton, John Pierce, Linda Bisson, George Gilbert, Chet Pazdziorny and Shelly Gobeille.

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM
  • Bruce Palmer introduced the officers and had the audience introduce themselves. He noted we are all here to preserve the lake and explained the work of the association. He gave Shelly a big thank you for removing a dead deer from the lake. He also thanked Bob Pompey for taking the deer and burying it using his backhoe. This is not part of our responsibilities but was done voluntarily.
  • The Treasurer, John Pierce read the Treasurer’s report. It was accepted unanimously. Handouts were available with the balance sheet and income statements.
  • Linda Bisson read last year’s annual meeting minutes, plus two director’s meetings. The Secretary’s reports were accepted unanimously.
  • Chris Cantone advised the members that signs are being prepared for Word Lane, Stone Road and the sign at the ramp. Our hope is to keep the association visible and increasing our membership. He advised people to check the website for important information on milfoil and our lake. He stated “word of mouth” is the best way to inform and recruit future members.
  • Chris confirmed Lori Callahan will be on the lake again this year checking for invasive plants. The lake has been 3/4 surveyed over the last few years. His parting words were “membership is the key”.
  • Lorraine Gilbert advised the audience the monitors have covered 225 hours so far this summer. Lori Callahan will be here August 18th. There is a sign up sheet available if you would like to accompany her on the water. Please call Lorraine. We need all the support we can get to keep the program going.
  • Linda Bisson advised the group of another invasive find in Norway. This ended up being a double find. It was eurasion milfoil with a zebra mussel attached. She had a 2 minute slide show on the monitor’s duties. She advised the group of the timeline that Lorraine and she must complete for a successful monitor season. At the end of her speech she spoke of Lorraine’s commitment to the program, her multiple surgeries and her tenacity to keep going. Linda stated this year was Lorraine’s 80th birthday. Lorraine received a round of applause.
  • There was a call for questions. A member asked about the ramp and he was informed of the process individual citizens took to keep the State away from the ramp. They also paid to have it repaired. This was not part of the association.
  • Shelley spoke a few minutes on membership. Lorraine showed a map of local lakes and the ones infested.
  • A motion to adjourn by Bruce Palmer was seconded by Shelly Gobeille. The meeting to adjourn was approved unanimously. Adjourned at 10:44 AM.
  • Respectfully submitted, Linda Bisson, Secretary

Annual Meeting – Two Fiscal Years Ago

Meeting Minutes : The meeting was called to order at 10:15 AM by Bruce Palmer, President.

  • After an opening statement he updated the audience on the medical condition of Chester Pazdziorny, Trustee. He has undergone open heart surgery and had a heart infection. He is still on the critical list. Prayers go out to him. He also noted the passing of Joanna Moulton, a long time resident of the lake. Bruce spoke about a seminar he attended with Lorraine. He won a door prize of a glass bottomed case with a tether to tow behind your canoe or kayak to observe the plant growth on the bottom. Lorraine won the raffle of 3 hours on the lake by Laurie Callahan. This is a $300.00 value. Laurie will do the 3 hours plus 4 hours paid by the association to check portions of the lake for invasives.
  • John Pierce gave a summary of the income. Dues amounted to $1625.00 plus $2900.00 in grant monies with another $900.00 still due. The bank balance is $6724.46. A printout may be requested from John. There were a few questions on the grants and increase of dues received. John Sullivan was thanked for providing a work grant of $500.00. Bruce commented on the word “association”. He wanted everyone to know that our association is for water quality only. Linda explained the grant request process.
  • Linda Bisson read 3 meeting minutes.
  • Everyone was asked to give their name and address. Shelly Gobeille talked about the buoys at the public beach and new rules posted. She went over the process to apply for monies from the town. She also spoke on increasing the membership by talking to your neighbors. It is everyone’s lake. We should all support the association.
  • Linda Bisson gave a talk on milfoil in the area. She presented a 4 minute slide show of milfoil in Lake Arrowhead. She informed the audience of the training process for the monitors. A list of New Hampshire lakes and Maine lakes that are infested were shown. Linda gave an update on the Curly Pond Weed that has infested West Pond in Parsonsfield. This pond is next to Long Pond and very close to Rock Haven. She presented a map showing the infested lakes in a 25 mile radius of Rock Haven Lake. She had samples of 3 plants from our lake with their names.
  • Lorraine Gilbert spoke about the monitor program so far this year. Six new people were trained this summer. They are providing coverage Friday through Monday from 8AM to 7 PM. Three hundred sixteen and 1/2 hours coverage has been provided to date.
  • Linda Bisson spoke on the new website. In June it had 191 visitors. She is trying to put all activities and notices on the website. Linda told the audience the cell tower is working.
  • Chris Cantone spoke on the topic of membership. We all have in common enjoying the lake. It is scary to see what can happen if the lake has invasives. He requested everyone watch the website to be informed of what is happening on the lake. He spoke on those who have children working as monitors. Membership is so important. He suggested we forget the earlier beliefs of the goal of the association. Inform yourself, speak to your neighbors and help us preserve the lake for future generations. Membership can only grow by word of mouth. He noted his friend in New Hampshire is paying $700.00 per year to fight milfoil in their lake. Better to pay $50.00 now then wait and have to pay a large fee per year. RHLA is a 501C3 organization and can accept tax deductible donations.
  • The ballots were counted. There were 17 votes each for George Gilbert, Shelly Gobeille, John Pierce and Bruce Palmer.
  • There were no questions for the question/answer section. Shelly Gobeille made a motion to adjourn. George Gilbert seconded the motion.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:18 AM
  • Respectfully submitted, Linda Bisson, Secretary