Welcome to the Rock Haven Lake Association’s news page! Here, we share updates on our latest projects, events, and initiatives aimed at preserving the natural splendor of Rock Haven Lake. Stay informed about how we’re making a difference in Newfield and beyond.

Recent Headlines

Rock Haven Lake Association Spearheads Water Quality Initiative

The association has launched an ambitious water quality program designed to monitor and improve the health of Rock Haven Lake. With support from local volunteers and environmental experts, this initiative represents a significant step forward in safeguarding our lake for future generations.

Annual Clean-Up Day Draws Record Volunteers

Celebrating Earth Day with action, over two hundred community members gathered lakeside for our most successful clean-up event yet! Participants removed several tons of litter from around the lake shore—every piece collected helps protect local wildlife and maintains the pristine condition that residents cherish.

Local Students Partner with Non-Profit for Educational Program

In collaboration with Newfield Elementary School students are getting hands-on experience learning about aquatic ecosystems through The Young Stewards Program—a new educational partnership fostering youth engagement in environmental conservation efforts at Rock Haven Lake.