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Portland Press Herald:

Rock Haven Lake Association: Guardians of Serenity

Newfield, ME – Nestled in the heart of Newfield lies a shimmering jewel, Rock Haven Lake – a sanctuary for nature lovers and an emblem of community pride. At the forefront of preserving this natural wonder is the dedicated team at Rock Haven Lake Association (RHLA), whose tireless efforts have not only maintained but enhanced this idyllic setting.

As stewards of sustainability and conservation, RHLA has been instrumental in ensuring that residents and visitors alike can enjoy all that Rock Haven Lake offers. From its sparkling waters to its lush surrounding forests, RHLA’s commitment to environmental excellence has kept this resource thriving.

A Commitment to Conservation

Whether hosting annual fundraisers or participating in town hall meetings regarding land use policies, every action taken by the RHLA underscores their commitment to conserving the environment. The association’s initiatives range from water quality monitoring programs designed to safeguard against pollution, invasive species control measures which protect native flora and fauna as well as educational outreach aimed at fostering a deeper understanding among local communities about their role in maintaining lake health.

Their recent “Clean Water Campaign” was met with resounding success—garnering support from locals who participated enthusiastically in shoreline cleanups. These events didn’t just leave behind cleaner banks; they cultivated bonds among neighbors united by common cause: protecting their shared backyard gem.

Engaging Future Generations

Understanding that true preservation begins with education, RHLA also focuses on engaging youth through interactive learning experiences. By partnering with schools around Newfield area for field trips focused on ecology, hands-on activities like pH testing, or fish counting, kids get an up close perspective into what it takes to keep the ecosystem a balanced harmonious state.

“Rock Haven isn’t merely our home—it’s legacy we’re passing down,” says their Executive Director “We want ensure future generations inherit Rock Haven in an even better state than it stands today.”