Volunteering is easy.  You can volunteer as a monitor with just one hours training.  Linda Bisson does the training and Lorraine Gilbert is in charge of scheduling the monitors. Again this year we have received a grant  of $1700.00 to help us pay the monitors. We  applied to the town for a Grant.  This year we were awarded $2000.00. The hours are in 4 hour shifts, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.  Dress is casual. We provide a tshirt, table and chair, and shade.  If interested please call Linda Bisson.

Volunteering with the Rock Haven Lake Association is a deeply rewarding opportunity that allows individuals to contribute directly to the preservation and enhancement of one of Newfield’s most precious natural resources. By donating your time and skills, you become an integral part of a community dedicated to maintaining the beauty, integrity, and value of Rock Haven Lake for present and future generations. Whether you’re passionate about environmental conservation, community service or simply love being close to nature – volunteering here connects you with like-minded individuals who share your commitment.

As a volunteer at Rock Haven Lake Association, not only do you play a crucial role in protecting local wildlife habitats and promoting sustainable practices around this irreplaceable resource but also help foster educational programs aimed at increasing public awareness on ecological issues. The benefits extend beyond contributing positively towards environmental stewardship; volunteers gain hands-on experience in various aspects such as event planning for clean-up drives or water quality monitoring initiatives which can be invaluable for personal growth or professional development.