Emergency Notice

A new invasive identified in our area

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that grows quickly and aggressively, forming dense thickets. It thrives especially in riverbanks, pond shores, roadsides & moist areas. Many plants, early in their springtime development, can often be confused with plants that look similar to Japanese Knotweed. The young , spore bearing fertile shoots emerge rapidly in the spring. During the early spring, around April to May, Japanese Kotweed first surfaces, growing up to an inch a day. In Sept. and October look for small white flowers that grow in finger-like bunches that are generally longer than the leaf below. After November look for standing dead stems. See the State of Maine biologist for instructions for cutting. Ensure proper disposal of the cuttings. Repeat cuttings will be required to kill the plants.

Pictures of Knotweed

Knotweed on Maplewood Rd. next to bridge


Taken on Maplewood Road near bridge